DBK - Our Breeding Policy
We believe in selective breeding and only on, possibly two litters, per
year. Some we may sell as pups and some may be trained for sale as
started gun dogs.  We take great pride in the time and effort put into
each dog.  We believe firmly in the natural foundation of the Elhew
Pointer and refining our dogs to have that very natural ability,
intelligence and beauty.  If you can't bring something complimentary to
the gene pool - then don't dip your toe in it!  That is what we have been
doing for years now- being very choosy, watching and studying our
dogs to determine who showcases those superb natural hunting
abilities AND good looks.   

We take the responsibility of breeding very seriously and we will never
breed "junk dogs".   We do not breed "because of papers" - we breed
in addition to them.  Our dogs have to prove themselves in the field
before they are ever breed-worthy. We aim for superior quality. Check
out each dog's pedigree on our DBK Pointers page and see for
yourself --- WE'VE GOT THE BIG DOGS!
We are a small North Georgia kennel that raises and trains well-bred
English Pointers who flaunt intelligence and style. As we move along,
you will get to know the great hunters we house here. We do not claim
to be the home of any national champs but we will produce some
outstanding bird dogs with dogs that not only carry proven excellence
in their pedigrees but in the fields as well. So, this is the place for us to
share our love of the English Pointer breed and what we are doing
here at DIRT-BROKE KENNELS. We hope that we can generate
interest in the Pointer breed and in upland bird hunting.

Our goal is about producing better all-around bird dogs.  Dogs that
display the brains, the looks, the nose and the heart to load up and pin
down birds whenever you're ready to go.  Field trials, foot hunting,

Please check with us frequently as there will be regular updates and
news as we gain momentum.  Please explore our entire site including
Dirt-Broke Pointers page that showcases our great dogs and the
Outdoor Gallery.  Also, Our Links page that is full of useful information
and fun.  If you have questions/comments  feel free to
Contact Us.
Our Vision
For us, DIRT-BROKE KENNELS has been years in the making.  We
have thought about, planned, discussed, studied, and hand picked dogs
that have what it is that makes a great bird dog.  That is why we decided
to have a small-scale breeding program.  We believe less is more and
that will allow us to dedicate much more time to each pup born at our

It is our firm belief that if you take a puppy that has a proven bloodline,
coupled with socialization /obedience training, and you work their natural
ability you will have an excellent Pointer.  We have proven this theory
with several dogs standing at DBK.  A well socialized pup makes for a
better dog (bird dog or not).  This is why we plan to ensure DBK puppies
leave our kennel headed down the path of being a superior gun dog.
Have you ever watched a bird dog work?  It really
is a thing of beauty to actually see the genetics in
motion.  There are many breeds of "bird dogs" but
when you hear those words, English Pointers
spring to mind.  Both Kelly and myself grew up
with a love of Pointers.  They are not only good
hunters but they are excellent companions that
boast intelligence.  There is one more key factor
to a great bird dog, that dog has to have heart.  
That is not something you can train a dog to have.  
They either have it or they don't - the dog has to
want to go that extra distance and never let up.  
That's why Pointers are an extraordinary breed-
they want to give it every ounce they have.  Our
immense appreciation of the Pointer is in what
they are bred to do - hunt birds AND look good
doing it.  So, you won't find any "show dogs"
here-that's not what we're about- but you will find
dogs that love what they do and our family kennel
that loves our Pointers.
Less Is More
Why We Love What We Do
Three Males Available
: 6/26/15

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